Thursday, December 30, 2010

Working Girl

Carl and Colten left to go to his mom's house earlier this week, leaving Emma and I home alone.  I won't lie it's nice to come home from work take a bubble bath and put on PJ's and have no one around to judge you.  Also Emma will eat leftovers indefinitely without raising an eyebrow.  The only downfall came when it was time for Emma to go back to daycare, she has been out since school got out, and apparently they have had a flu epidemic while we were gone that was raging the staff this week, when the Director called to warn me and let me know they were going to have some staff/child issues I decided that Emma would just come to work with me.  Emma grew up in our office, when she was 3 weeks old the '07 flood hit and our office and shops in Neodesha were victims of the flood, I swear I will be an one of those old ladies who when I am 100 years old I will sit around and talk about that summer.  It. was. terrible.

Emma was three weeks old, I put her in her sling and we never looked back.  She stayed at work until well after her first birthday, then the daycare had an opening and I grabbed it, Grandma took the news hard.

This week has reminded me of all the good things about having a child at the workplace.  There are lots of hugs, kisses, and snuggles.

Picnics with Lucy.

Oh and don't forget the candy.

But there is also work at the workplace, even more at the end of the year and being able to focus is difficult at times when someone wants to read or play.

I am so thankful that I work somewhere that my kiddos are welcome, but I am also thankful for a wonderful daycare whose staff's full time job is to pay attention, read, and engage my child, because I know I could never do that while trying to do my job.  But it is fun to spend a day or two with a little one running around, I know Monday will be very quite.

Do you ever take your little ones with you to work?  How do you juggle it?

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