Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shamrock the Ville 5K

My SIL, Amanda, and I recently ran the Shamrock the Ville 5K in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.  The day was gorgeous and it was Amanda's first 5K so we were both pretty excited.  The run started at 1:00, since I am typically a morning runner I wasn't sure if I should attempt to eat lunch early or wait until after, I decided to eat a mini-sized Cliff bar (100 calorie) at 11:00.  In hindsight I should have eaten a bit more, live and learn. 

Amanda had picked up a few fun accessories for the race.

Caution white legs ahead - I usually tan in the spring to prevent blindingly white legs, but well I am getting to the age where I am more concerned about wrinkles than white legs.  So sorry tanning industry, no more lovely warm beds for me :(

The most wonderful Amanda

Although it was windy, we had a great run, we finished in 32 minutes, and felt great!  Lunch and margarita's at Chili's followed by pedicures and frozen yogurt to celebrate!

And I discovered I really really like dressing up to run!  Going to have to find more theme races!

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  1. I've never dressed up to run, but looks like fun! And I'm with you on the tanning beds! I tanned for my wedding, but that was the last time - so not worth the wrinkles and risk of skin cancer!