Monday, January 24, 2011

Girl Talk

You know it's Monday when you have a conversation in the car that goes a bit like this.

"I am sick" ~ Emma
"No you are not you are three" ~ Layla
"Mom, am I sick" ~ Emma
"I certainly hope not" ~ Me
"MOM I AM SICK" ~ Emma
"OK fine, you are sick" ~ Me
"No she is saying she is six" ~ Layla
"Oh, Emma you are three" ~ Me
"OK fine, for tonight you are six, Layla you want to be nine?" ~ Me
"Ya, I'm nine" ~ Layla
"HEY I'M NINE" ~ Emma
"OK, great, and I am going to be 25" ~ Me
"You go mom" ~ Emma

Crazy girls.

In unrelated news:

Instead of running my first 10K Sunday, I will be running the 5K race.  I managed to get another run under my belt today, and feel good, but I have to be realistic, I have only managed 2-2 mile runs, the 5K will probably be testing me and by attempting the 10K I am just opening myself up to a world of pain, and possible injury.  Instead of being disappointed that I am not running the 10K I am just excited that I will in fact get to run the 5K.  There have been several times in the last 3 weeks I didn't think I would get to run at all.  And it's spring there is no shortage of other races to run.

I booked our hotel today, and can I tell you how excited I am about the indoor pool?  That was basically my only have to have when looking an indoor pool, oh and not costing an arm and leg.  Emma has been going through swimming withdrawl, (she has actually 'swam' in the bathtub a couple times complete with swim suit) she is going to be so excited.

I better get some kiddos ready for bed.

What do you look for when booking a hotel?  

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