Monday, August 16, 2010

5K and Quick Dinner

This weekend I ran in Victoria's annual Hertzog 5K with my sister-in-law Anne, I had started running again this spring, and although I am still a long way from where I wish I was, I have been very happy with my progress so far. We had a beautiful morning for our run, and I was very happy with my time of 31:15. I do find my running motivation is better when I have a goal in mind, so my next goal is to run in the Moccasin Madness Fun Run Walk at Chief Little Bear Day in Neodesha on September 25, and manage a sub-30 time, it's a loafty goal I admit, but all the better for motivation!!

After a very busy and fun weekend at the festival, we headed home Sunday afternoon, on the way I was trying to think of something quick and easy I could make for dinner, something that would include a vegetable since the entire weekend we ate either fast food or festival food, with not a vegetable in sight! Really all I wanted to do was come home and order pizza, but then I thought of something easy and required very little active participation on my part - Shrimp Boil!

Shrimp Boil

6-10 small new potatoes, cut in half
1 package kielbasa, cut into chunks
5-6 ears of corn
1-2 pounds shrimp defrosted, I used pre-cooked
Salt and pepper, some people use shrimp boil seasoning, but I usually don't have it on hand, and I also think it makes the potatoes and corn taste funny.

In a large stock pot cut new potatoes in half and fill pot with water. I have a huge pot and fill mine about 1/2 way up, add your salt and pepper and put on the stove to boil. Once the potatoes are about almost cooked, 20-30 minutes or so, add the kielbasa, corn, and shrimp and cook for another 10 minutes, until corn is done, drain and serve.

The best part - in the time it would have taken Pizza Hut to deliver I had a complete meal done with no more work than looking for pizza coupons and instead of $30 for pizza, I spent less than $15 and had a complete meal. **Tip - G&W often has their frozen pre-cooked shrimp and kielbasa on sale, so stock up when it's on sale and stick it in the freezer. ** I believe I saw in the ad that starts Wednesday both corn on the cob and shrimp are on sale at G&W!!

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