Thursday, August 19, 2010

Meal Plans

Now that summer is officially over at my house, and school and football practice has started I am remembering why it is so important to plan our meals. Usually we all eat dinner together between 6-6:30, I am big into sitting down, TV off, and talking about our day. Seriously, this is how I was raised and look how well I turned out ;) But I do have some issues to work around, Devin has football practice at 6:30 - and Carl is coaching girl's golf this year and doesn't get home until around 6. So I think family dinners are going to become harder and harder to come by for awhile. I think I will start attempting to have dinner around 5:30 - geesh, that seems early, we'll just pretend we are old or something ;) so that Devin can eat with us without eating so close to practice that it causes issues with digestion, and maybe if we eat really slow Carl will be able to join us for the end of dinner.

I have started working on some meal plans for next week, after studying the G&W sales ad for awhile, I think I have managed a pretty tasty and easy week of meals, many of which I will be prepping beforehand, so that they will take 30 minutes or less to prepare, because I don't get done with work until 5, so I have about a 30 minute window to get dinner on the table those 3 nights a week Devin has practice!

Monday - enchiladas, rice, and corn/bean dip

Tuesday - Philly cheese steak sandwiches and corn on the cob

Wednesday - grilled shrimp, baked potatoes, grilled asparagus - no practice on Wed

Thursday - Black and Gold, so we will be eating Hamburgers at the game to support the B&G :)

Friday - Spagetti and Salad

Pretty boring week of meals, but the nights I will be in a rush to get dinner on the table shouldn't be an issue since I did a lot of meal prepping this weekend.

What on your meal plan this week??

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