Thursday, August 26, 2010

Three Things Thursday and a CONTEST!!

1) I skipped my morning run, this morning was most likely the most beautiful morning we have had in the last 3 months, and I got up, went outside, knew it would be a perfect morning for a run, and then went back to bed. I am blaming it on allergies :(

2) Tonight the Fredonia Child Care Center will be selling raffle tickets at the Black and Gold to win a half a beef, processing and everything!! Now I could go on and on about how great it would be to win this prize, it's a locally raised beef that has been donated to the center for the raffle by DWO Ranch, and the processing has been also donated by B-W Meat Processing here in Fredonia, but I think everyone would agree this is a WONDERFUL prize. I would like to take one minute to tell you about the FCCC and why you should support them, even if you have no interest in winning the prize. The FCCC has been in business in Fredonia since the 1970's when a group of mothers felt the need to have a child care center for their children. These women literally fought tooth and nail to make it happen in a time when "good mothers" were to stay home and raise their children, and since that time families who use and love the center have continued to work to make sure the FCCC remains open and available to working families in Fredonia. This spring the FCCC came within an inch of closing, due to rising overhead costs, and lack of enrollment. The center had been reliant on the city of Fredonia for quite awhile to make ends meet, and the city was starting to face their own budget crisis. Since this spring the center has had a complete overhaul from management, staff, and board members, and has needed any money from the city in order to make ends meet. But we still struggle to make ends meet, which means every dollar of revenue goes back out to overhead and operating costs, leaving very little cushion and no money for new equipment or supplies. This is why the success of this raffle is so important, and your help will be greatly appreciated!! Tickets are $5 each or 5/$20 - and if you aren't able to come tonight and would like to purchase, just let me know, we will be selling tickets through Homecoming and the drawing will be the week after Homecoming.

3) Thanks if you managed to read all of #2. So for #3 we will have a prize. Share your favorite beef recipe in the comments below and I purchase $20 worth of raffle tickets in one lucky person's name :) Contest will be open for one week and then I will chose the winner!! Good Luck!!

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