Friday, October 29, 2010

Morning Musings

Christmas Shopping

I have decided that this year I am going to attempt to purchase as many presents as possible in town. Of course since those I buy for might check my blog from time to time I can't show you the goods, but don't worry I will try and keep a tally of how I am doing. Last Saturday Alco had 25% off ALL their toys in the store, and I scored big! They really have a great selection right now. Today I just received an email and Alco has a coupon for 20% off anything in the store that is good this weekend, so I am going to go buy another present or two this weekend ;)

Half Marathon Training

I have thought on and off about whether or not I was going to talk about my training here, but have decided to, I find great motivation in reading about others training plans and have decided I would like to share mine. Currently I am starting to work towards a goal of running in the Oz Marathon Half Marathon. This morning we ran just over 3 miles in the very chilly morning, I have never ran with other people before, I was not in track or any other sports as a teen, so I was really worried about what it would be like to run with more than one other person, 'what if I am too slow' or 'what if I need to walk' or 'what if I need to fart' but so far everything has been great, I push myself harder because I am with a group, and we all tend to run around the same pace, unless they are just humoring me!!


I am currently reading In Defense of Food and it is seriously making me reconsider exactly what I call food. It is a very interesting look into how our food have became more like 'foodlike' substances than actual natural food. And how this actually was allowed to happen. Nothing could have made him point to me more than last night I was delivered some cookie dough I had purchased from a fund raiser and while I was reading the very long list of ingredients that I cannot even pronounce let alone have any idea what they were I notice the cookie dough has a room temperature shelf life of 21 days. How is that even possible? And am I the only one that finds that gross??


Tonight is the playoffs for the youth football teams, both of Fredonia's teams are hosting their opponents and it should be a fun evening of football and good crisp weather. Best of all, there is no admission charges, so come on out and support the boys, they have had amazing seasons this year and stop by the concession stand and see me!!

I will be back this weekend to show you how to turn your jack-o-latern into pumpkin puree!

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