Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bierocks for Dinner

Evening all! Do yourself a favor and pick some of these babies up next time you are at G&W, if years past are any indication they will not be around for long.

While I was at the Farmer's Market this morning I picked up some Bierocks for dinner. There is a local lady that brings bierocks and other baked goods each Tuesday, each person makes their bierocks differently, but hers are wonderful. She puts hamburger, cabbage, seasonings, and just a bit of cheese in them, yummo.

Corn on the Cob has been very good from G&W lately, and a family favorite around here. Am I the only one constantly searching for veggies my kids will eat? Right now around here its corn on the cob!

No kitchen is complete without a helper. Seriously, does anyone else's dog just lay there in the middle of the kitchen floor while they cook? Someday I am going to break my neck falling over him all the time. Ah, but he is a sweetie!

I decided to give some sweet potato fries a go, started with 2 huge sweet potatoes from G&W

Discovered that cutting sweet potatoes takes some real muscle, so hubby to the rescue!

What a uniform cutter, he is such a keeper

They were a little limp, but still tastey

Some cucumber and onions that I put together today from the Farmer's Market

And cantaloupe and strawberries from G&W (the strawberries had somehow migrated to the back of the fridge, but were still delish)

Dinner is served, and yes I know my plate isn't very uniform, I didn't even think about taking a picture until after I filled it, so I will try better next time, Bo just kept asking, 'Aunt Miranda why are you taking pictures of all the food?'

I hope you all took some time to enjoy the weather this evening, it is wonderful! Now it's time to get these kiddos off to bed. Night all!!

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