Friday, June 18, 2010

Not too late

Can you believe Sunday is Father's Day. It's OK, don't panic, there is still time to pick dad up something, I was just in Heartstrings yesterday and they still have some great dad gifts. . .

Priceless, I would never lose my keys again if I had a key ring this cute!

Is this not the cutest backhoe you have ever seen?

And a dump truck, you could have an entire construction company out of clocks.

Oops, how did those get there. I won't tell anyone if you pick up a little something for yourself, I cannot go in there without being amazed at all the custom jewelry and items they have.

Need more local gift ideas?

Most of the local stores/restaurants have gift cards, I know Carl has gotten a Western Diner gift card on more than one occasion. Alco has an excellent assortment of KU and K-State team wear, can't go wrong with the classics, right? Another place I frequently buy gifts is at Green's, they have a great selection of fishing supplies. Have a dad that has everything, then you could find something at Lighthouse Liquor. The list of local places with excellent gifts for dad could go on and on.

What are you getting your dad? You will have to wait until Sunday to find out what my dad is getting, hate to ruin the surprise for him, not that he has any clue to how to get to my blog, but you never know!!

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