Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Humboldt Speedway

Looking for something close and fun to do with the family this weekend? Humboldt Speedway has races every Friday evening at 8:00 throughout the summer.

Photo from Humboldt Speedway website

Their facility is very family friendly, just ask my kids, they absolutely LOVE to go. Just make sure you find some ear protection (as its VERY loud) Steve's Hardware sells earplugs and I highly recommend them for the kids! The Speedway has a very well stocked concession stand and clean bathrooms, hey a girl has to have her priorities, right?? I think one reason my kids love going is for the glow in the dark alien suckers. So cool.

I am a newbie when it comes to dirt track racing, last year was my first trip ever to any type of racing event, my brother decided it would be fun to give my mom a heart attack racing a try. He is now addicted, he occasionally races in Coffeyville on Saturday nights, but someone used the word portapotty in reference to Coffeyville, so I have been busy those nights ;)

He even comes up and sit with his fans between his heat race and feature if the car is not requiring his attention. (Notice the big beers, just another perk.)

We won't be able to go this Friday, as we have a baseball game to attend, but we will make it next Friday, in addition to the races they will have a great fireworks display after the races, and we are all about fireworks in this house!!


Where are some local places you and your family like to have some fun? Have you ever been to dirt track racing?

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