Tuesday, November 16, 2010

8 months and 20 pounds later

On March 16, 2010 I got on the scale and realized something had to change, I was tired of gaining weight every winter to then turn around and try to lose most some of it each spring.  This time I decided something needed to change, I was getting older smarter and knew than instead of dieting for a temporary fix I should change the way I treated my body. 

People often ask me how I lost the weight, and when I tell them I changed the way I ate and started exercising they usually look a bit like I ran over their kitten.  Someday I will say "It was a magic pill, I took it and ate everything I wanted while sitting on my ass on the couch watching TV" I think their responds would be much more excited!! 

In 8 months I have learned a lot about myself, and what my body is capable of when I treat it right.  Here are the top 11 things I have learned from my process.  (I know 11 is an odd number, I had originally wrote this post a couple days ago, and over the weekend #11 happened and well, it was just too good to ignore, if I actually thought anyone was going to read this I might have made it number 1, but well that would have meant a lot of renumbering, so I just made it #11, just go with it.)

11.  If after having a couple drinks you brag to your brother that you have lost 20 pounds, he will compare your weight loss to a bag of 'Ol Roy dogfood - this might single handedly be enough motivation to keep the weight off forever. and. ever. and. ever.
10.  There are no quick fixes.  Everything worth having takes time and work, try and enjoy the journey. 
9.  Exercise is one key to success, and sweat lets you know you are getting a good workout, if you are not sweating you probably should be.  I used to hate sweating, now I love it.  It lets me know that my body is working.  hard. 
8.  Find friends who will sweat with you, they will help keep you accountable, make it fun, and tell you juicy gossip to take your mind off your aching legs.
7.  Said friends will make up nicknames for you if you are too much of a hard ass.  Wear the name like a badge, if you can get a shirt made that incoorporates the name, even better. 
6.  You should not attempt to start eating 7-9 servings of fruit and vegetable all at once, seriously you need to trust me on this one, just add in a serving or two each day for a week before adding more, just sayin'. 
5.  It actually takes a lot of planning to eat 7-9 servings of fruit and vegetables a day.  You will get to know the produce section of your supermarket very well.   
4.  You can still eat ice cream fairly regularly as long as you don't mind losing an average of 2.5 pounds per month, lucky for me I was in no rush ;)
3.  You will have bad days, where you just do not want to exercise, or you eat nothing but pizza and ice cream, it's gonna happen.  Just don't let them happen often.
2.  The scale is only tool, it does not determine your value.  Don't let it. 
1.  You are worth all the effort and time it takes to be happy and healthy.  Yes, we all have limited time and resources, but you should be putting yourself and your health at the top of your priority list. 

Do I have all the answers?  No way.  I am only 8 months into my journey, and learn new things everyday.  But I know I have changed, usually by November I haven't worked out in at least a month if not longer and I have started dipping into my 'fat' jeans, this November I am training for a half marathon.  And those 'fat' jeans, yeah they are headed to the thrift store. 

Are you on a journey to health?  What have you learned?


  1. I am so proud of you! And for doing it the right way! And you said it perfectly - dieting is a temporary fix. You have to make a lifestyle change if you expect the weight loss to stick! Can't wait to run some races with you coming up!

  2. What an amazing post!! You are just wonderful. I love your number one reason, SO TRUE! I think we are always on the journey to health and we are continually learning about ourself, good for you to write them down and share with us:)