Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pizza and Hard Coreness

My family absolutely loves pizza, and I love that it's easy to whip up for a week night dinner. 

Usually I will stick the dough in the bread machine and let it do all the work, but today I didn't pick my kids up after school and so I wasn't around the house in the late afternoon to put the ingredients in the bread maker. I used this whole wheat recipe today for the dough. 

Does anyone else get excited about proofing the yeast?

I gathered my topping cast of characters. 

All sliced up and ready to saute.

The prebaked crust ready for it's topping.

Pizza sauce, the saucier the better.

Theirs and my sides.

Then the cheese.  Mmmmm cheese!

And while that's baking because cleaning the kitchen would just be too predictable, I tossed together a salad.

Perfection on a plate.

You are probably wondering how the freezing run went this morning, well maybe your not wondering, but I am going to tell you anyway.  The first two blocks and all I could think is how much I wanted to go home, my cheeks were freezing, the rest of me was OK, but man my cheeks, the ones on my face, in case you were wondering which.  Then I saw my neighbor and his sissy dog coming back from their morning walk and decided if they could do it, then so could I.  I also convinced myself that if they didn't freeze to death walking then surely I would generate enough heat running to keep myself warm. 

I met Sarah and we were off, we took a little longer route, and it was good and I forgot about being cold.  Just a few blocks from home I looked over and saw frost on Sarah's hood.  (Now if I was any kind of blogger I would have totally stopped and taken a picture, and the thought crossed my mind, but at that point in the run if I had stopped running, I wouldn't have started again.)  Sorry, no picture of the frost on her hood, but seriously it was one of those moments that just screamed, 'we are hard core'  or maybe 'why the hell did you sign up for a 10K in the middle of winter without owning a thread mill dumbass.'  Whatever.  I'm sticking with hard core.

Now I am going to snack on a little something I found at G&W today.

Two questions tonight.
1 ~ What's your favorite pizza topping?
2 ~ What have you done lately that made you feel hard core?

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