Monday, November 1, 2010

G&W's New Website

You might recall a certain someone blabbing on Facebook this spring about the possibilities of G&W getting a website? Well today is that day, and thanks to my big mouth, Dennis called and let me know it was up and running. No need to advertise, I will blab it all over the blogosphere for free! ;)

Well, folks here it is - drum roll please -


I am so excited to have their ad avialable online, while looking through the ad realized there were several items on special this week that I need to pick up before the sale ends. I am a HUGE believer in shopping the sales ad, I know a lot of people believe you can get better deals at Wal-Mart, but honestly if you shop the sales and stock up, G&W can beat any price I have seen in Wal-Mart*, but you have to watch the ad, and thanks to G&W that just got a whole lot easier!!

*some exceptional values, that I believe would beat Wal-Mart's prices (In my opinion, I don't often shop at Wal-Mart, but when I am there tend to check and compare prices)

*Tony's Pizza's 6/$10 some of the boxes have coupons attached for $1/2


*$.99 cream cheese

*2/$3 ice cream

*2/$1 canned tomatoes and beans

*10/$3.99 yogurt

*$2.29 bag of 3 pounds of apples - and they are wonderful, we have gone through several bags

That's just to name a few! Hop on over there and check it out!

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