Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's Hump Day Baby

I love Wednesday's. It is probably my favorite weekday. Wondering why not Friday right? Well on Wednesday's my housekeeper comes, and it's either G&W chicken or leftover night. Who wants to make a mess in the kitchen after someone spent their time cleaning it? Genius right?

I had an especially cold run this morning with the girls. Often when people find out we work out every morning they ask 'how we find the motivation', well I cannot speak for the girls but I thought I would share some tips I have found that works for me
~Lay out all your workout clothes and necessities before you go to bed
~Put your alarm clock where you cannot reach it from your bed, so you actually have to get out of bed to turn it off
~Workout with other people who will worry give you hell for slacking if you don't show up
~Tell yourself you will feel better having done the workout, endorphins baby!

I have always been a person who prefers to workout in the mornings, so it actually doesn't take as much motivation for me to get up and do it. If I was suppose to workout later in the day I would probably be skipping workouts all the time, for some reason I really don't enjoy working out later in the day and usually find all sorts of excuses to not. So it's important for each person to find what works for them.

Another comment I often hear is 'how do you find the time' this one is harder, I just make the time. I believe we all have the same amount of time available to us each day - 24 hours, and we just have to prioritize how we spend that time. I chose to get up early in order to find the time to workout, this also means I have to go to bed earlier, which is when I used to pick up the house. I have compensated by having the kiddos help me in picking up before bedtime since it was usually their crap anyway to help teach them responsibility and I have just learned that I enjoy my early morning sweat session more than a perfectly clean house, and luckily the housekeeper comes each Wednesday to take care of the actual deep cleaning stuff, and this is one time I am thankful my husband is not a neat freak. Another way I free up some of my time is DVRing all my shows, did you know there are 20 minutes worth of commercials for every hour of show? Crazy!! I usually get several weeks recorded and then watch them on a Saturday afternoon while folding laundry. Exciting life I lead, huh?

How do you make the most of your time? What activities do you prioritize over others?

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