Saturday, November 6, 2010

Smothered Pork Chops

I really don't care for pork chops, I never have, but other members of my family enjoy them, so I buy them periodically when they are on sale, and usually stick them in the freezer.  This month I have been trying to clean out the deep freeze in preparation of our half beef that we are buying from a local ranch, and I came across a family sized package of boneless pork chops and decided now was the time to cook them.  I decided to try a very simple smothered pork chop recipe and invite my brother and his family over for dinner so I didn't have to eat leftover pork chops for the next week.  To sweeten the deal I said I would make roasted brussel sprouts.
First I browned the chops in butter.  
The stars of the show.  
Chops into the pan.
Covered with 'gravy' and then covered with foil and put into a 350 degree oven for 1 hour.
Time to turn our attention to the Sprouts.
Chopped in half.
Covered in olive oil and sea salts and ready to jump into the oven.
45 minutes later, swoon.
Amazing.  Seriously.  If you haven't ever tried brussel sprouts this way, do it.  Now. 
 Oh yeah, baby.  
Pork Chops and gravy over egg noodles. 
With a glass of this.
Followed with several glasses of this.  This one was the clear winner, if you like sweet wines.  Yummo.

Last night was one of those fun evenings where time just flies by and before you know it is was way past your bedtime.  I really love evenings like that and am so thankful to have my brother and his family here in town so that our children can grow up together and we can share bottles of wine around the fire.  

What kind of wine do you like?  

I really like sweet wines, and I think this La Passione is definitely my new favorite!

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  1. IMHO, any vegetable roasted is much better. Love roasted brussel sprouts.